Sunday, October 9, 2011

Long Weekend Brunch Prepared by Little Chef Serena

QlinArt is pleased to present talented little Chef Serena who was more than happy to prepare fluffy pancakes for this weekend's brunch. How could I say no to a little cook who wears her Chef's hat so well?

Thanksgiving weekend in Canada meant long days to feast and to enjoy the time off.  What better way to spend it than diving into life's simple pleasures ; eating great food with wonderful company.   The sun was shining, temperatures hitting the 20s celcius in October, and 3 days of indulgence in recreational sleep and cooking.

Eating fresh-from-the-oven croissants, fresh fruit and pancakes on a late Saturday morning was a good way to kick-start the well-deserved long weekend.   These lighter-than-air pancakes, also referred to as 'soufflé American-style pancakes' by renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay are so easy to make, that any 3 year old can prepare the batter from scratch and watch each ladle of it brown slowly on the griddle.     Watch little Serena, my friend Farah's daughter, prepare the batter nonchalantly as she was distracted by our happy 13 year old dog wagging his tail, 2 sleeping cats, and the movie Ratatouille all just a few feet away from her.

The recipe of the soufflé pancakes can be found here by just clicking on the picture below.

Enjoy the video and bon appétit!

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