Wednesday, January 6, 2010

France's Fig Tree Treats - Blueberry Scones

After welcoming a heap of snow since New Year's day, I couldn't pass the occasion to go outside of the city to get fresh air and tranquility. I just came back from a 3-day cross-country skiing trip in Rawdon - just about 40-50 minutes north of Montreal, with a couple of friends who own a cottage there. Right beside their cottage was a beautiful spa which was the perfect retreat after a full day of skiing. It was the ideal way to treat ourselves after a hectic year and busy holiday dinner parties. We had packed so much food with us since we had a little kitchenette to prepare our own meals. For the ski trails, I brought along at least a dozen of France's delicious blueberry scones. France is the young bakery-talented daughter of my colleague called Ron, and who just started introducing to our company her delicious baked goods under the name of Fig Tree. Her baked goods and homemade jams were a hit this past holiday. She peaked at the right time. People were buying her homemade goods to offer as gifts or simply to savour over breakfast or as a snack..

My personal favourites are her blueberry scones which are low in fat and sugar. Muffins and scones are sweet treats that I would rarely crave for because of their heaviness and highly sweet taste. I also find them usually dry and too big to finish in one sitting. France's scones, being low fat take away some of the feeling of heaviness, but they still do fill you up quickly. What I like most about them is their subtle sweet taste. She also makes mini sized scones which many of us found very practical to eat as a quick snack. These mini scones were perfect for our ski trip - easy to pack and the ideal size to snack on for a quick 5 minute break. They're also great to keep in your freezer if you want to save some for later.

I don't have the recipe of these tasty scones, but am going to try....;)

In the meantime, I've enclosed an excertp of the list of some of her best treats if ever you are interested in trying them out! You can contact France directly for more information.

Fig TreeGourmet Bakery Selections
Scones – All scones are baked fresh daily, with fresh ingredients. Freeze well… if they last. J
All scones can be made into minis, for the same price (16 instead of 8). Excellent for appetizers, or nibbling!

France Liboiron
(514) 730-7185
Serving Montreal and Ottawa


At Home with Kim Vallee said...

Blueberry scones are my favorite scones. Like you, I prefer them when they are not too sweet. It is true that many places make them too big. I often share one with my husband or keep the rest for the next day.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would include the recipe. I am baking scones this afternoon for a brunch tomorrow and have blueberries in the fridge!