Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hearty Bean and Seafood Stew

If you remember just last October I had posted a luscious and hearty recipe that can be eaten as a main meal or a side dish : a great white bean with leek stew.

I love this recipe because it doesn't take much time to make and doesn't require complicated ingredients. After you've reached desired texture - which is thick and velvety - you can throw in just about anything you want. This time around, I decided to add in a good handful of seared scallops and a mild herb such as tarragon. Chopped tarragon and mint to garnish the stew gives it a light liquorice and fresh fragrance which goes very well with seafood.

I also like to eat this stew with a nice toasted bread. It hits the spot.

You can find the recipe here. As for the scallops, I like to buy small frozen ones - as much as you like (I used about 1/2 lb). I let them thaw, wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, in a large bowl of warm water. You pat them dry with paper towel and sear them in a hot pan with olive oil and minced garlic. Of course, fresh scallops are highly recommended, but at this time of year in Montreal, it's a little more difficult to find fresh seafood. Frozen ones are still great substitutes. Shrimps are also great in this stew.

Share and enjoy.