Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bánh Cuốn' is Fast Becoming a Favorite at the Office

Steamed rice flour paper filled with minced pork, onions, bean sprouts and black mushrooms. Sprinkled with crisp fried onions and drizzled with fish sauce dip (nuoc mam)
I need to thank my mum for having introduced me to this new Vietnamese local caterer who happens to live a 10-minute car drive away from my house.  Her specialty are these light Vietnamese rice flour crepes filled with minced pork, onions and mushrooms, also known as 'Bánh Cuốn' in Vietnamese.  They're usually eaten as a lunch or dinner meal.  In Vietnam, they're also served for breakfast.  When made right, these little raviolis or dumpling-like treats literally melt in your mouth. Like a fresh pizza served out from a wood burning oven, Banh Cuon needs to be eaten fresh on the same day it is made, to appreciate the lightness of the crepe and the flavours of the filling. They're definitely a family favorite. Come to think of it, all Vietnamese foods happen to be family favorites.  Might not make sense to some of you, but from a glutton perspective, we truly enjoy eating and sharing together good food, making the foods we eat our favorite during each gathering.  Though, this caterer not only sells fifty of these little ravioli-like treats at an insanely affordable price, these Banh Cuons are the best ones  I've ordered from a caterer.  In fact, fifty was plenty to have a batch of leftovers, that I brought some for my lunch at work the following day.

Having a few Vietnamese co-workers, I couldn't resist teasing them by giving them one ravioli each.  These little things are usually eaten like chips, which means that you can't eat just one!  So you can imagine the torture I've impounded in them. I know, it was cruel on my part, but it was a great way to test my sales skills, which worked wonders.  Immediately after savoring his ration, one of my colleagues came to see me at my desk to ask me for the address of the caterer so that he can order a batch every week for his family and in-laws.  He simply takes his SUV and drives 20 minutes to pick up his order and he is done!  Next thing I knew, word on these Vietnamese delicacies spread around the office by simple word-of-mouth and sharing with other co-workers.  It's now become a sort of 'office tradition' to order batches of Banh Cuon for all those who are interested, on a weekly basis.  For the record, the Quebecois love it!

It's great to start a trend in a workplace.  It goes to show that people are always open to try new foods, ideas, and even share them with others.  It's called social community work!

Since I've only made these a few times when I was living back home with my parents, I rarely make them anymore, or even not at all.  So, I'm sure a lot of you would love to have the recipe which is not difficult at all.  I found this very good and easy step-by-step video on how to make those wonderful Vietnamese rice crepes, here by Unspokensinz.  You may want to turn the sound off - the music is quite loud for some reason.

Serve with fish sauce dip.

Share and enjoy!

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