Friday, October 8, 2010

Teheran restaurant in Montreal

Kebab Barg - filet mignon

I just came back from a wonderful evening with my colleague Danielle. We had a rough week at work and couldn't think of a better way to reward ourselves at one of our favourite eatery in Montreal, Teheran. Although many of my acquaintances of Persian descent think it is not the best Iranian restaurant in town, but Danielle and I will eat there as often as our cravings for it exists. Their best platter is the Kebab platter which is a generous portion of tender and excellently seasoned strip of fillet mignon served with a fluffy and flavourful safran basmati rice.

We took our pleasant time to savour the meat, along with a bean soup and an eggplant dip as appetizers. Although I don't care much for the service, which is often criticized by many foodies, I go to that restaurant for the food. A few of the restaurants offering the best food there is in town can have the worse service, but when the food is this good, it doesn't really matter. We were recommended by another colleague to try out another restaurant, I believe the name is Quartier Perse. Well, Danielle, if you are game, I am ready to go anytime you'd like to grab another barg dish.

Here are some photos taken with my cell phone, of the delicious food we enjoyed tonight.


Eggplant dip with crisp onions

Bean soup drizzled with goat cream
Kebab Barg - amazing filet mignon strip

Pistachio ice cream with safran

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