Monday, August 25, 2008

Lunching at Atwater Market

The Atwater market in Montreal reminds me of the "marchés" in France. Sure, large surface supermarkets in north america, and now even in Europe (like Carrefour and Leclerc), have become an habitual convenience to the average working family leading busy lives and dependent on penciled in appointments in packed agendas. Supermarkets are fast and display an array of a large selection of items that meet your family's weekly requirements.

Eating at Atwater's Première Moisson.
Though, much left is to be desired when shopping at indoor supermarkets. Feeling the cold air blowing from industrial freezers, trying to find parking in congested parking lots, painfully listening to repetitive publicity and elevator music and waiting in long line-ups at cash registers are not exactly my criterias for an ideal food shopping spree. When I grocery shop, I enjoy taking my time to smell and feel the freshness of food. When time permits, I choose to do my grocery shopping at the Montreal Atwater market , especially in the summer. I love to linger around and contemplate the array of colours of the fruits and vegetables displayed at the kiosks, attended by friendly merchants waiting to help you out with your selection of items. Last week, I remembered how much I enjoy summer, when I met my new blogger friend Kim Vallee for lunch at the Atwater market. We took a little more than a "regular" lunch hour as we had so much to talk about and wanted to take a little bit more time to appreciate what Atwater market had to offer its visitors.
It's been a very enjoyable lunch this summer. Thank you Kim!


anouk said...

Miam, everything looks so delicious!

Jerome Paradis said...

Very nice pictures and fun read!

QlinArt said...

Thanks for the comment Jerome. And it's my pleasure.