Saturday, December 22, 2007

ArcoIris Wine and Cheese Event

This week was packed with social events like dinners and wine and cheese parties! They're events a foodie like me would attend to even during snow storms. Not sure if you're aware, but we had to welcome at least 60cm of snow this week here in Montreal. But that's ok, I didn't mind shoveling my way out to feast at those gourmet food occasions.

Camembert and Goat Cheese

The event that was well worth being-stuck-in-two-hour-snow-storm-traffic-jam was organized by my good friend Sandra for her Reiki/Massage Open House/Wine and Cheese event. There were so many interesting people there who share similar interests as I do, such as living the moment and enjoying good food. Though, one of my mandate was to take photos of the entire soirée, my friend found it funny to see where my focus was on - the food. I relished the simple, yet delicious "amuse-gueule".

ArcoIris poster
Wine was definitely not unpopular at the event!
A foodie's dream - the welcoming table
Serene and calming setting

Guest enjoying the glorious food

For the sweet tooth, white chocolate and peppermint swirl kisses

Sweet and plump clementines from Morocco for the health conscious

Almonds to help balance the cholesterol level after eating all that cheese!

Fresh fruits

Veggies and...

an artichoke and asiago cheese dip!
And last but not least, the guests ...
and our wonderful and attentive hostess, on her cell phone, scheduling new sessions for new clients for her popular and very in demand reiki/massage business!

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Anne said...

Wow, great photos and it looks like you had a good time.. It is always a pleasure to read your blog.. it is very 'Quynh' like!