Friday, August 10, 2007

Greece, the epitome of heavenly scenery and food

Aah, Greece and Crete. These photos are just about the closest I'll ever get to Greece until I decide to make that long-awaited trip over there! I just found those shots of Greek food and scenery so stunning that I had to write a little about it. They were sent to me by a friend of mine who just came back from the magnificent Greek islands and who loves to eat good food as much as I do.

The picturesque table setting overlooking the sunset in Santorini is just breathtaking. I think my ears were burning when my friend was enjoying the Greek Bruschetta, drinking the nice glass of white wine, overlooking the entire island of Santorini. Probably talking on and on about what I was missing! And yes, I can see that I was missing lots!

Now this photo really caught my attention not only for its vibrant colours, but because I love cooking crustaceans, whether steamed, grilled, fried, you name it! These looked freshly picked from the sea.
The Greeks are well known to use their-catch-of-the-day to prepare their seafood delicacy. Every single creature that is caught that day is slaughtered, chopped or grilled alive right in front of you. It's a gruesome sight for some, but I think it's something that I could get used to, as long as I don't do the slaughtering myself. Langoustines are like LARGE prawns. As explained to me, they were layed out on a plate ready to be picked by guests and cooked at a restaurant called Nikos, on Mykonos island. What are the chances of picking a freshly caught Langoustines to have it prepared the way you want it in a Canada? Almost NIL.

Here's a picture of octopuses hung to dry at Santorini. There's a sight for sore eyes, especially for foodies who love sea food and who are not appalled by creatures with tentacles!
Thank you K for sharing your lovely photos and for the temptation to head down there and experience this myself!

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