Friday, August 3, 2007

Kombucha tea and Hatha treats

I remember one day arriving to yoga class feeling extremely bloated and heavy. I had eaten a huge meal about 4 and half hours before class, but still felt uncomfortable. I was afraid of being unable to keep up with the class or feel nauseous. But my yoga instructor gave me half a glass of sparkling tea called Kombucha and told me that my bloating would be gone during the yoga practice after drinking the tea. Being a skeptic about organic or miracle-drinks, I wanted to try it since I didn't want to miss the class. Surprisingly enough, after my first downward dog pose, my bloatedness quickly went away. I felt fine for the rest of my yoga practice!

Kombucha is a sparkling tea also called the 'miracle cure-all'. It boosts our own natural defence system and increases our energy levels. Some of the benefits from drinking Kombucha tea on a regular basis are relief of migraines, poor digestion and Eczema. Because it's probiotic, this drink is known to detoxify our body, strengthen our immune system and fight sickness like colds and flus. Not only that, it doesn't taste bad at all! It tastes like a good apple cider, without the alcohol. For some, it's an acquired taste.
I do have to add that after a strenuous yoga class, it's quite the thirst quencher, which continues the detoxifying process from the yoga practice!

This drink can be purchased usually in health food stores, but it's readily available at the United Yoga Montreal studio, downtown Montreal

Another healthy treat available at the yoga studio are Hatha balls. They're like granola bars except they're round and full of good stuff like spirulina and flax seed.


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M. Hopson said...

you could also try making your own kombucha. It's easy and enjoyable, and there's a sense of achievement when you get to drink your own kombucha haha! I saw a video that explains why home-brewed kombucha or homemade yogurt/kefir (other good sources of probiotics) are better than some of the ones bought in stores.

Here's the link to the video I saw it briefly mentions the advantages of homemade stuff, and the other info is about probiotics and its benefits.