Monday, July 23, 2007

Refreshing Green Tea afternoon

After work, I lied down on my long chair on my balcony, on this warm summer day, reading one of my favorite author's books. Suddenly, my stomach started to growl... I had a "petit creux" as the French would say so well. And the perfect remedy for this little hunger-strike, just before dinner, is a nice glass of Green Tea smoothie.
Recipe "au pif":
1/2 tsp of matcha green tea (local Asian stores)
2 scoops vanilla ice cream (or vanilla frozen yogurt /tofu)
2 cups lightly sweetened soy milk (or 1% milk)
Mix all ingredients in blender
Makes 2 servings

Tastes like Green Tea ice cream, "shaken not stirred".
A refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

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