Saturday, July 28, 2007

BBQ Brunch at my cousin Lili's

A Brunch is one of the easiest meals to prepare. Because it's a combination of two meals, you can throw in anything you want - particularly foods you enjoy eating for breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, my cousin and I both felt like having croissant with rillette de Mans. I feel rillettes are so much tastier than regular pâtés, as they have more fat content. As a result, they melt in your mouth. For the BBQ, we simply threw in some chicken wings, marinated in a bit of fish sauce (nuoc mam - in vietnamese) and lemon grass. Refreshing asian flavours bursted in our mouthes as we savoured the chicken wings. We had also put a couple of duck sausages on the grill. And what a surprise, my cousin bought these sausages at Costco. They were not too salty and very yummy. But this meal was not complete without a nice tossed salad made of Arugula (aka Roquette salad -has a nutty taste), bocconcini cheese, Boston lettuce and nice bright red plump flavourful tomatoes, accompanied by a very simple balsami / olive oil vinaigrette. What a wonderful way to spend your mid-day with someone who loves eating as much as I do! We toasted this meal with a nice glass of Perrier mixed with apple juice. Our version of apple cider (without the alcohol).

And of course, we couldn't end our fine meal without dessert! Two crème brûlées from a local pâtisserie, were slowly savoured til the last bite. And of course our excuse to eat more, we couldn't leave our Washington white cherries to waste. After all, their main purpose was to help us digest this amazing brunch. Simple and easy meal to put together, with a gourmet-satisfaction.

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